1990 - Julian ( Gobz ) is messing around with samplers, house music and metal while Shaun is fronting metal bands ( one of which included Joseph White ) then Julian and Shaun team up under the name "THE WHORES OF BABYLON" as a musical experiment to record the track ` Charmeur des serpents ` in Julian`s bedroom recording set up. The track is nine minutes long and is of a gothic rock and dramatic filmscore influenced nature. It is then distributed amongst friends and that was that.

1991 - Opened a commercial recording studio `State of Art` in Bristol,UK. Employed Shaun Atkins ( soundisciples ) and Dave McDonald ( later in Portishead ) as extra engineers.

1992 - Formed the `Whores of Babylon` with Shaun Atkins ( soundisciples ). Shaun - vocals and Gobz - guitars, drum programming, sampling, synths, engineering, mixing etc ). Most of the musical composition by Gobs and some by Shaun.

1993 - Released a demo tape entitled `Eternal` throughout the underground fanzines etc. The music was a kind of hybrid goth/dramatic classical/metal crossover, some called it `darkwave`. Tape received many favourable reviews.

1994 - Signed to `Candlelight` records and released the album `Metropolis`, all credits as before. Received a mixture of good and average reviews as album not to everyones taste in the metal scene. Interview in `Terrorizer` magazine

1995 - left `Candlelight` records as their artist promotion seemed to be non-existant at the time! Recruited extra band members in order to perform live. Headlined `Fabrica de sons` festival in Portugal. Promo video of a song called `the whip` is shown on ITV`s `noisy muthas`.

1996 - Signed a one off CD deal with `Skyfall` records from Portugal and released the `Kumari` mini album, all credits Gobz and Shaun as before. Featured Beth Gibbons from `Portishead` on one track, and a Geoff Barrow Portishead remix. Travelled back to Portugal to play some gigs, one at Lisbon university. Also conducted some Lisbon radio station interviews

1997 - signed a co-ownership deal with Geoff Barrow from `Portishead` for the recording studio, and the studio was privatised.

1998 - Talks with Peaceville/Music for Nations begin. `Whores of Babylon` name is dropped in favour of `Soundisciples` as the name the whores is no longer deemed suitable for a band who`s musical style had now become a kind of techno/jungle/metal cross-over.

1998 - 2001 - Return to the `302 music junction` homepage and access the biogs on `Soundisciples` and `Noiselab` for this period.

2001 - Late 2001 She`s Alive !, Whores of Babylon is reborn complete with a real drummer ( all other whores product had programmed drums ) and a new bass player.

2004 - The 2nd quarter of 2004 will see a new 8-track promo cd. It will retain a certain feel of the old material ( i.e dark Orchestrations, distorted guitars and slight techno overtones ) but will be much heavier overall, prepare to enter the abyss !